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Poison Reality: The day I ruled the world.

Poison Reality: America faces it´s toughest decisions.

America has now had its first Black president, woman president and many other different ethnic groups. However, Americans has had it with politics and have decided to elect its first monarch to begin its kingdom. After battling for freedom over 300 years ago from a monarch, the people have discovered that having a head of state is essential in handling all affairs. There are several royal families that are residing within the future kingdom of America. One of the ruling families (Luqman) is dominating the world of finance. No one over the world can operate without their say so. HRH (His Royal Highness) Mikail Luqman is the head of this ruling family. He and his 3 siblings set off on a mission to be on the top in the financial world.

As HRH Mikail sets out on projects to build various real estates over the world, he makes a deal with the American government that allows him to be super rich beyond his wildest dreams and provides the main avenue for America to never go into the red again. It’s a deal that allows his family to rule for decades. Baroness Jamella Luqman has an affair with a Saudi royal where she uses her ways to get what she wants but this comes with a price.

People are jealous of this ruling family and people in corporate America want to know how they rule for so long and what they are doing. So they send in one of their own who ends up becoming a “Luqman.” With twists and tails of deceit, it is really hard to know who trusts who in this story.

And Lord Nelda has a few descendants where one of them fights for reparations for Black people in America. A Muslim of Jewish descent travels to England and requests for reparations from them where it has an effect on America. However, this turns out to be more than what he expects.
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Your Right to Remain Silent

The only book that has subliminal messages. I’m the creator of subliminal messages in a book.

You will discover what happens when someone opens their mouth and volunteers information. This is your right to remain silent. It starts out about the story of an American of a royal family in Europe. Discover his true magnificence. However, as time progresses, he comes to quite a few bumps in the road. He meets several individuals that have a strong impact on his life/career and he has an extraordinary gift. It’s the art of persuasion. Prince Pepe’ le Mack is his name. His name is actually Prince Abdullah ibn Mfume Barashango. But his parents changed his name once they moved to the U.S. from France. His parents moved to France from an African country in the late 1960s. They wanted a better life and decided to move to another country. However, in France they weren’t welcome and they still had the dream of doing something really big for their family. They moved to America and had prospered very well. Pepe’ decided to go on his own and ventured off into the US Navy. While in the Navy he met another royal from the Middle East and became the best of friends. His name was Baron Nelda Cohen Abdullah Rahman/Raheem. Read on about how they went from being your average Joes to being the wealthiest men ever.

**To find out about his humble beginnings, look for the sequel called, “Speed Pimpin”**

Mackin’, silver tongue, smooth talker, slick, or gift of gab are just some of the few terms that are used to describe the way one person talks to another to get whatever they want. You can call it the Art of Persuasion or you can call it Speed Pimpin’. His Royal Highness Prince Pepe’ Le Mack (actual name is Prince Abdullah M. Barashango) will take you for a ride through his world. His good buddy Nelda will be right next to him in a majority of his adventures though they worked on different ships. Most of the time, Nelda is usually hating Pepe’ because he is just so smooth. Pepe’ has used his powers of persuasion by accident before he knew he had them.

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